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Hargaret provides this key service aimed at assisting individuals with significant barriers to employment in securing and maintaining sustainable work. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by some individuals, this program offers targeted support to enhance employability, address specific barriers, and facilitate successful integration into the workforce. These could be in the following categories:

  • Individualized Support: Hargaret provide personalized support tailored to the specific needs, abilities, and aspirations of each participant, ensuring that interventions are targeted and effective.
  • Employment Pathway Development: Hargaret assist individuals in identifying suitable employment pathways based on their skills, interests, and goals, and providing the necessary support to pursue these opportunities.
  • Skill Development: Hargaret offer specialized training, coaching, and skill development programs to enhance the vocational capabilities and readiness of participants for the workforce.
  • Workplace Accommodations: Hargaret will Facilitate workplace accommodations and adjustments to ensure that individuals with disabilities can perform their job duties effectively and participate fully in the workplace.
  • Retention and Advancement: Hargaret support individuals in maintaining their employment status and advancing in their careers through ongoing mentoring, advocacy, and skill enhancement initiatives.

The NDIS Spec Support Employ program offered by Hargaret is a vital initiative that empowers individuals with significant disabilities to overcome barriers and achieve meaningful employment. By providing personalized support, skill development, and workplace accommodations, this program enables participants to realize their full potential, contribute to the workforce, and lead fulfilling lives as valued members of their communities.

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