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Hargaret Assist- Life Stage Transition

There are many turning points in a person’s life, such as when they start school, leave home, get their first job, or retire. At each of these stages, you can benefit from a planned approach that looks at your skills, needs, and goals. With the right planning and networking, Hargaret guides NDIS participants through changes in their lives.

At Hargaret, we offer both short-term and long-term services that are based on the individual needs of participants, strengthen their choices and abilities to coordinate their services, and help them stay at home, keep their independence, and be a part of their community. Hargaret’s support services will help you understand how the plan works, help you keep track of your support, and answer your questions as they come up.

Some of the things we do to help are make daily, weekly, and/or longer-term schedules. This is done to make sure that each participant’s life stage transition goals are being met by the help being given. We can also help you make a budget so that you can plan for and pay your expenses on time, and even save for the next step in your life.

Cooking, gardening, and fitness are some of the life skills that are part of our program that is adapted to whatever stage of life you’re in. It also includes help with personal care (self-care), daily housework, music and dancing, meditation, sensory activities, and activities for the holidays. These relaxing and interesting activities make people feel like they have value and are doing well.

We’re here to help participants when they need us with:

  • Skills for building up capacity.
  • Development of independent self-care and living skills
  • Problems and how to solve them.
  • Financial mentoring
  • Planning and budgeting for each day
  • Set up helpful connections in a client’s community.
  • Link support to other helpful services and programs in the community.
  • Plan your life and set goals.
  • Help with housing and tenancy responsibilities.
  • Planning for life changes, such as mentoring, peer support, and learning new skills.
  • Help with making a decision.

One of our team members is available to assist you with these important areas of your life and we provide this assistance in a safe and caring environment.

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