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At Hargaret we support and empower individuals with disabilities to achieve and sustain meaningful employment. Our primary goal is to facilitate access to a diverse range of employment opportunities suitable for individuals with disabilities. This involves collaborating with employers, vocational training providers, and job placement agencies to identify suitable job roles and career paths.

 Recognizing the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, Hargaret assists in implementing workplace accommodations and modifications. This may include assistive technologies, ergonomic adjustments, or modifications to the work environment to ensure accessibility and comfort. We support individuals with disabilities to maintain their employment status as this is essential for long-term career sustainability. This involves ongoing monitoring, feedback, and problem-solving to address any challenges or barriers that may arise in the workplace, whilst ensuring job retention and career progression. We will assist individuals with job search and provide guidance and support throughout the job search process, including resume writing, interview preparation, and networking to connect individuals with suitable employment opportunities.

We also collaborate with employers to implement reasonable accommodation and adjustments, ensuring a supportive and inclusive work environment for individuals. Hargaret offers personalized coaching and mentoring services to assist individuals in navigating workplace challenges, building confidence, and developing effective coping strategies. We provide ongoing guidance and support to help individuals with disabilities achieve their career goals, explore advancement opportunities, and adapt to changing employment circumstances. By providing personalized support, training, and accommodations, our services empowers individuals to overcome challenges, pursue their career aspirations, and lead fulfilling lives as valued members of the workforce.

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