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Assist personal activities high – intensity

Hargaret has friendly staff who are trained and hold relevant qualifications and experience to cater to the complex needs of our clients. Support includes but is not limited to clients with seizures, respiratory, long-term medical management, and behaviour management all of which can be challenging to predict. Our support will help you with personal tasks including showering, dressing, getting out of bed, and meals. If required, our team can help you manage your schedule and or appointments giving support so that your caregiver can take a break when needed. You can count on Hargaret’s friendly and well-trained staff to support you with a heart of care.

Hargaret delivers high-quality individualized care whether in your home or in the community. We understand that everyone has specific and different needs, so we tailor-suit your support to ensure that you get the help that meets your daily personal needs. Our team can help you keep an eye on the things you do every day and support you live a life that is fulfilling with dignity and confidence. We can also help your caregiver take a break, study, work, or go to appointments by giving them day or night care.

Our assistance with daily living is flexible and made to fit your choices, needs, goals, and desired outcomes. Our skilled and friendly professionals will ensure that your daily tasks are doable and manageable. Hargaret will be by your side with a heart of care.

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