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Hargaret Assist-Personal Activities

Hargaret provide support staff to assist a person with disabilities with personal self-care tasks in the home and the community. A support worker can be available to assist you with morning, and evening routines, bathroom access, showering, personal hygiene, taking medications, preparation of meals, and any other home assistance.

We also offer services to support you with more tasks keeping your home clean, doing your laundry, dealing with service providers and support networks, traveling, using public transportation, and many other aspects of living, depending on your needs. We would ensure we understand your goals and work with you and your family or other caregivers to set up ways to support you with all of your everyday tasks, with, where possible, a focus on building your confidence and ability to do some of the things on your own.

Participants living alone can access this support as well as those living with family or any other accommodation category. Whether the support is required daily, for work, or school, even if it is occasionally for social or recreational purposes, or when travelling, Hargaret will be there to make sure you receive the support you need with a heart of care.

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