Hargaret Self Care System

Hargaret helps people with their daily self-care tasks so that they can keep their hygiene and appearance up to par. This support category can help you pay for the cost of hiring a professional support worker to help you with all of your daily tasks and keep an eye on you.

This includes personal care tasks like taking a shower, going to the bathroom, and taking care of personal hygiene; preparing or supervising meals; helping with medications and other morning and evening routines; helping around the house, such as cleaning and shopping.

People who live alone can get help with taking care of themselves at home, in a family setting, or in the community. This care for a disability may be needed every day for daily living, work, or school, or occasionally for a social or recreational event, when travelling, or on holidays.

If your NDIS plan includes money for very personal care, self-care, or high-intensity daily personal activities, we can help you with both short-term and long-term needs for personal care or self-care services.

This help is based on the care you need for yourself as a person with a disability, and it helps you work toward a goal. That being said, personal care supports are more likely to help a participant reach a number of different goals than to help them reach a single goal.

Help with personal care may be needed in a number of places. For instance, it helps any participant who lives alone in their own home, with family or other people, while doing social, recreational, educational, or job-related activities, or while on vacation away from home.

Personal care supports for children are not meant to replace the usual care and supervision that a parent provides, but it’s always a good idea to enquire about personal care supports for children with complex needs if the amount of help they need is more than what is usually needed for children their age.

If a participant asks that close family or friends not help with personal care, this request is always respected and taken into account when creating a self care plan for our clients.

At Hargaret the one thing we have learnt is that people living with disabilities need support however, every client has different needs there is certianly no “one size fits all” when it comes to supporting individuals with disabilities.

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