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Supported independent living is money that pays for someone to help with daily tasks in a shared living situation, either temporarily or on a long-term basis. People with disabilities may be eligible if they live in a private rental, own their own home and live with other people, or live in Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Supported Independent Living (SIL) helps people with disabilities live happy, healthy, and connected lives in the type of housing that best fits their needs. Hargaret helps you build on your current network of family, friends, volunteers, and significant others to become more independent and keep your life safe and fulfilling.

People with disabilities who need more help should choose supported independent living. This means that you need a lot of help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This includes help during the night.

If you live with other NDIS participants, you can get help with living on your own. If you live on your own, you can also get supported independent living, but there may be other home and living supports that are better for you.

Residents are helped to get out into the community and do the work, learning, and fun things they want to do. They are also encouraged to take an active role in the home, like helping to make meals and planning social activities with their housemates and friends from the community.

Our dedicated employees help with personal tasks, with a focus on recognising and building your skills so you can live as independently as possible.

Many more people with disabilities can now realise their dream of moving out of the family home or a group home and into mainstream housing, where they can live with people they choose and in a place they of their liking.

There are many different ways to live, and we can help you figure out what’s best for you. You can put in your plan a request to have NDIS pay for a support coordinator who can help you look at the different housing options you have.

There is also a support which can help you find and/or keep a suitable place to live. This can include helping you fill out an application for a rental tenancy or take care of your tenancy duties. In your plan, you’ll need to ask for this.

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